Interview about Magic Carpets residency, Croatia. 2019

Interview with curator and writer Ira Ferris
Zagreb, Croatia, 2019

A transcript of the interview can be found here:

You Move Me Publication
ISBN: 978-1-9160961-0-3
Contributors: Catherine Hemelryk (foreword), Mary Paterson, Jorina Von Zimmermann, Susan Ryland, Laura Murphy, Gemma Riggs, Ikran Abdill,  Benedikta McSharry.
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To accompany the two first exhibitions within You Move Me, three writers were commissioned to create written responses that illustrate the ideas at play in You Move Me. The commissioned writers are Mary Paterson, Susan Ryland and Jorina von Zimmermann, all of whose work and practice resonates strongly with the concepts running through the work. Mary Paterson is a writer, curator and visual artist who responds here by weaving the personal with a suggestion of political. Susan Ryland’s writing on metonymy, metaphor and synecdoche brings to life the oppositions of similarity and difference, with particular reference to the multi-screen form. And Jorina Von Zimmerman’s fascinating research on social synchrony helps expand on the core idea of unison of movement - from the perspective of experimental psychology. There are also other writings from the project artists and performers.

You can download the digital pubication here:

What it was When it Happened