You Move Me
Multi-screen video with multi-channel Audio, 28 minutes
Artists: Gemma Riggs, Laura Murphy, Melanie Wilson
Plus Jorina Von Zimmermann, Mary Paterson, Susan Ryland

You Move Me is an audio-visual installation made in collaboration with the people in two different European towns; Žagarė, Lithuania, and Northampton, UK. In each town, people were invited to take part in workshops with the artists, exploring ideas of everyday, gestural movements. Together they have created a new choreography, which has been performed and recorded in each participant’s own domestic setting.

You Move Me exhibitions:
January 2018: Herbert Read Gallery, Canterbury
June 2018: NN Contemporary, Northampton

For more information, please visit the project website.

This work was funded by Arts Council England.

Podcast interview with Gemma Riggs and Ira Ferris: